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PHD CTF Quals 2014 – rbox and Metal Gear Felix Writeup


Easy XOR encryption. For find the key just input empty message since key^0=key:


Metal Gear Felix

Another easy task. A video on youtube is provided with an arithmometer and some calculcation done on it. The machine was a russian Felix Arithmometer. After googled it on its operation we just put all the caluculations together:

php -r 'echo (524813609 * 7) + (5248136090 * 3) + (52481360900 * 3) + (524813609000 * 1) - (5248136090) .

And get the result: 696427659143


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  1. Cool, thanks for sharing rbox one, just quick/weak note, you do not need the toHex() function, could be done by:

    for i in sss:
    print chr(ord(i)^ord(key[p])),


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